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Welcome to Grade 6 ELA
Deanna Craig
Room 227
Best communication vehicle: e-mail and agenda book
ELA (English Language Arts) Grade 6 consists of the integration of reading, writing, viewing and speaking skills.  We are fortunate to have 4 wonderful teachers on our team: Kellie Bray, Deanna Craig, Kelly Cross and Jen DiBiasi.  Any of the teachers can be a source of help for your sixth grader.  We work closely together as we plan our lessons so there is continuity throughout the yearly curriculum.
As a rule, we plan to assign homework Mondays through Thursdays, but on occasion due to extenuating circumstances like inclement weather, there may be an assignment on the weekend.
As an AM and PM Homework Instructor, I am available M-F from 7:30 to 8:15 AM.  The students may go to the cafeteria and get breakfast to bring to my room.
I am also available M-Th from 2:40 to 4:00 PM.  As well if a student needs more time, I can certainly accommodate their needs if I am made aware.
Students are expected to come to class each day prepared with necessary supplies, agenda book, silent sustained reading book (SSR), completed homework/classwork and current ID badge on lanyard.
Although we will vary our routine at times, we plan to begin most days with 10 minutes of silent reading.  Most of the time this will be from the student's own book, but again, it maybe a piece selected for class that day.  Students enter the room quietly, sit down and take out their agenda books, binders and SSR book to begin class.
Everyone forgets something on occasion, but it is important to develop good study habits.  Our agenda books are a very important part of that goal.  It a student forgets his or her agenda book the first time in a week is a warning and the loss of one class participation point.  Each subsequent situation including missing homework, SSR book or supplies will result in a detention and the loss of point(s) for the offence(s).
     AA County College of Morris
     A Montclair State University
     MA Centenary University