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Student School Supply List

Please reference the .pdf document for the Student School Supply List for all students at Hackettstown Middle School for the 2020-2021 school year.

Summer Assignments

Please reference the summer assignments page for specific information.

Re-Opening Plan for HSD

The Hackettstown School District's Re-Opening Plan was approved at the July 29, 2020 Board meeting. Please take the time to read through the document in preparation for the 2020-2021 school year.

HSD Strategic Plan for 2020-2025

The Hackettstown School District's Strategic Plan was Board approved at the July 29, 2020 board meeting. Please reference the attached document for all pertinent information.

HMS Parent Options for Return to School

Please reference the Principal's Page under the Our School tab for the Hackettstown Middle School's letter to parents/guardians for the options for return to school in September. All parents/guardians are required to completed the form for each student.

Mission Statement

Building on tradition and success, the mission of the Hackettstown School District is to educate and inspire students through school, family, and community partnerships so that all become positive, contributing members of a global society, with a life-long commitment to learning. It is the expectation of this school district that all pupils achieve the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards at all grade levels.
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Superintendent's Message

Dear Hackettstown Community Members,
On behalf of the Board of Education and my office, I would like to welcome everyone back for the 2019-2020 school year. Between the end of last school year and now, much has been taking place within our school district. We are in the final stages of our High School auditorium renovation and the Willow Grove School’s HVAC installation and drainage projects. All three projects have an anticipated completion date for August 23rd. That said, the 2019-2020 calendar year will be another exciting journey for students, staff and community members alike.
For the first time in our district’s history, we will witness grade based-elementary schools, multiple inclusive pre-school classrooms, increased Language Arts and Mathematic instructional time at the Middle School, semester based high school elective course offerings and Mental Health and Mindfullness adaptation throughout. This was a large undertaking and concerted effort for all stakeholders and will certainly have a positive impact for our students and staff.
Moreover, our school district will be implementing an instant security alert system otherwise known as LENS- Lockdown and Emergency Notification System. This includes exterior and interior visual alerts or strobes, as well as, simultaneous automated messaging. District Director of Security, Mr. Speirs, is currently in the initial stages for implementation at Hackettstown High School. Additional information will be made available to our community at a later date.  All of the aforementioned changes along with the upcoming question on the November 5th ballot to extend debt service will lead our community at large into the future and next decade.
 The ballot question for debt service extension is solely for the need for the following projects:
   ~ Complete roof replacement at Hatchery Hill School- total cost $1,579,000.
    ~ Partial roof replacement Hackettstown Middle School and electrical upgrade- total cost-$838,000.
    ~ Partial roof replacement at Hackettstown High School and electrical upgrade- total cost- $1,579,000
Currently, Hatchery Hill School has never had a roof replaced in the buildings history and the electrical upgrades at the High School specifically are original from 1959. As we would with our own homes, these upgrades are necessary for the safety and health of our students, staff and community members that may utilize our facilities. In addition, the climate changes we experience also assists in areas of mold growth when roof tops are leaking into the interior of our buildings. The total debt service extension is $3,996,000 dollars. However, the N.J. State Development Authority-S.D.A. will fund over 40% of the 3.9 million if passed on November 5th.  This means over the life of the debt service, the Hackettstown School District will receive an estimated $1,647,630 to finance the total cost of projects.
Taking everything into account, we ask you to please join us on Thursday, September 12th, at the Hackettstown High School to be an active participant for the development of a new Strategic Plan. The previous Strategic Plan cultivated positive change and by NJSBA’s records witnessed the largest participating crowd ever in the history of Strategic Planning. Your voices and concerns were heard throughout the winter and spring of 2013 so once again, we ask that you partner with us in developing a vision for our school district that will move us into the next quarter of the 21st Century. This Strategic Plan will also touch upon the ballot question and the consistency shared in the past for the need to dedicate funds for facility upgrades.
More information will continue to be disseminated but please come to our Strategic Plan meetings, public Board of Education meetings or simply contact Central Office to be involved or inquire about additional information you may have questions or concerns about.
Below are a list of district-wide activities/presentations for you to participate along with us.
~ September 12th- Strategic Plan Meeting #1
~ September 18th – Public Board of Education Meeting
                                   ~ Annual H.I.B. Presentation
                                   ~ 2018-19 NJSLA Presentation
~ October 10th Strategic Plan Meeting # 2
~ October 16th- Public Board of Education Meeting
~ November 5th- Public vote for Debt Service Extension
~ November 20th- Public Board of Education Meeting
~ December 18th – Public Board of Education Meeting
Wishing each of you and your families a successful, safe and healthy school year.
David C. Mango
Superintendent of Schools