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Re-Registration Information

Parents/Guardians of 
The Hackettstown School District is proud to offer a high-quality public education to the children of our residents.  In order to maintain the accuracy of our student enrollment numbers, the District is continuing a student re-registration process for all students at three points in time: (1) when student enter the district, (2) when students transition to the Middle School, and (3) when students transition to the High school.  Accordingly all Hackettstown Township families will have to re-register and provide appropriate documentation for all the Grade 5 students.
In that regard, below please find the District's Preliminary Instructions and List of Acceptable Forms of Documentation that will be accepted to demonstrate residency.  The District requires three (3) separate proofs of residency.  The proofs should be current (preferably within the past 3 months).

Please return a copy of these three (3) proofs of residency along with the re-registration form by August 30, 2022 via:

  1. Mail:
    Hackettstown Middle School
    500 Washington Street
    Hackettstown, NJ  07830
  2. Dropped off to the Main Office (address above)
  3. Fax:

  4. Scanned documents via email to the building Principal
    Sheena Delgaizo at [email protected] 

Families who either fail to respond or are unable to provide proofs of residency will receive additional written notification of the District’s intent to remove those students from the District due to a lack of residency at a future Board of Education meeting.


Please contact the school immediately to discuss any circumstances that are keeping you from providing the necessary documentation.  If your school is unable to assist you with the enrollment process then please contact:  Debra Grigoletti, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at (908)-852-2800 x230.