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Academic Supports

Hackettstown Middle School Academic Support Program
Title I is a component of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. This Act was part of President Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty. Its purpose is to help students who are at a disadvantage reach high standards and provide them with instructional support. This Act has been re-authorized over the years. The most recent reauthorization was in 2015 when President Obama re-authorized it as the Every Student Succeeds Act.  In the Hackettstown Public School District our Title I funds provide help for our students through the Academic Support Program. 
Hackettstown Public Schools offers students who are academically at risk the opportunity to participate in extended day  programs.  These programs are funded through Federal grants provided under NCLB.  In addition, this grant offers specific targeted resources to students who are academically at risk. Hackettstown Middle School has a Parent Involvement Policy and a School - Parent Compact that are attached here to provide information about our Academic Support Program.
Criteria for Academic Supports:
  • Teacher Recommendations
  • State Assessments Scores below 755
  • Grade Point Average less than 80
  • Regression multiple Academic Subjects (Enlgish Langauge Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and/or Science)

Note: Students meet multiple indicators above to qualify for Academic Supports.  Academic Supports are provided before, during and after school hours.  Parent/Guardian notifications will be sent throughout the school year when a student qualifies for or exited from the services.