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Hackettstown Middle School prides itself on providing students in fifth through eighth grades with a challenging academic program while fostering Character Education to complement a broad range of educational approaches (whole child education, service learning, social-emotional learning, civic education and public speaking) within its student body. At Hackettstown Middle School, qualified instructional staff develop and implement learning experiences to educate and inspire students through school, family, and community partnerships so that all become positive, contributing members of a global society, with a life-long commitment to learning, leading them on the pathway to being College and Career Ready when they graduate.

The Middle School’s programs include four, interdisciplinary core content areas (English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies) while encompassing areas to build upon their experiences and skills in Fine & Performing Arts, STEM & STEAM, World Languages, and Health & Physical Education.  All the programs serve as vehicles in promoting literacy and real-world experiences to build our students’ capacity to problem solve, synthesize, articulate their ideas, and function as productive citizens of society.   The program of study further provides our students with a well-rounded learning experience which greatly contributes to their growth as adolescents.

Hackettstown Middle School has a rich tradition of success and strongly values the varied opportunities it affords students. We are very excited in continuing to forge a collaborative partnership with parents/guardians and the community this upcoming school year, always focusing on maximizing every students’ potential and experiences.