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Hello and welcome to 8th grade science.  We will be exploring the worlds of physics and chemistry this year.  At the end of the year, you will be taking the state mandated NJSLA-Sci for all science (physical, life, and earth science).  
We will be utilizing multiple resources in the class which will include the online resource "HMH Science Dimensions" volumes I,J,K,L and A.
All information will be placed in google classroom and linked to my website. 
Please make sure you have a 3 ring binder (2" width) because I am the QUEEN of handouts! 
Have pencils and erasers (good scientists always have pencils never pens!).
Have a good set of ear buds ( you will need not only for my class, but other 8th grade classes so make sure you always have them).
8th Grade Science
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