Hello and welcome to 8th grade science.  We will be exploring the worlds of physics and chemistry this year.  At the end of the year, you will be taking the state mandated NJSLA-Sci for all sciences (physical, life, and earth sciences).  
We will be utilizing multiple resources in the class which will include the online resource "HMH Science Dimensions" (our assigned textbook).
  • All information will be placed in google classroom.
  • Make sure your chrome book is fully charged every day for class. 
  • Make sure to have 4 pocket folders for any handouts given during the school term. (1 for each marking period)
  • Have pencils and erasers. Ticonderoga or dixon are the best!
  • Have a good set of wired earbuds ( you will need not only for my class, but other 8th grade classes so make sure you always have them).
  • A computer mouse will be exceptionally handy in class and make navigating the online platforms we will be utilizing.
2023/2024 School year is going to be exciting!
In the event of a district closure, all lessons and materials will be posted in google classroom daily. Office hours: TBD for the FALL 2023. You can always email me and I will respond swiftly.
For assistance with Parent or Student Portal, contact the main office.
8th Grade Science
LisaMarie Bamber-Wichtendahl
908-852-8554 ext: 826
The best way to contact me is through email.