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Mrs. Cross's Homepage

Mrs. Kelly Cross
6th Grade Language Arts
Room 227 (best form of contact)
(908) 852-8554 ext. 247
6th grade Language Arts is a balanced literacy program in which students are challenged to improve in the areas of reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, speaking, and listening. Our ELA team is comprised of myself, Deanna Craig, Kellie Bray and Jenn Dibiasi. Together, we will work closely to develop appropriate curriculum for all of the students in our classes, utilizing the NJ Core Content Standards and differentiation.
Every student of ours is expected to come to class each day prepared with the necessary supplies: AM or PM binder, Agenda book, SSR (silent sustained reading) book, completed HW/classwork, and current student ID on a lanyard. Discipline will be given during the week if any of these items are forgotten, however a verbal reminder will be given first. Discipline may include points off total grade, or detention (lunch or after school, depending on teacher).
Although our routine will vary at times, we will begin class with 10 minutes of silent, independent reading using the SSR book. On occasion, we will assign a particular genre of reading, depending on our the curriculum we are working on. The silent, independent reading is to promote good reading habits, allow the students to learn necessary skills for reading success, and foster an overall love of reading!
We will be reading 4 classroom novels this year- Hatchet, Tangerine, Heat and Holes. We will also be using Vocabu-Lit for weekly vocabulary development, and the Collections textbooks for supplemental reading. BrainPop and IXL are going to be used as our online resources for skill practice and development, and will be assigned regularly.
HW will be assigned Monday-Thursday, exceptions will be made on occasion! 
I am available via email throughout the day and over the weekend, and I will do my best to respond in a timely manner! You can leave me a voicemail at the extension above, however I will only be checking my mailbox at the end of the day. You can also send in notes to me directly, however email is the most efficient! I am available everyday during lunch, as well as after school and after 3:05 by appointment.
I look forward to a great year here at Hackettstown Middle School! Please contact me with any questions at your convenience.