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Useful Links

  • Beginning Band Bootcamp - This is a YouTube channel created by a music educator.  These videos provide a basic crash course for band instruments.  You can learn how to put instruments together appropriately, the proper care & maintenance of instruments, how to read music, and how to create good sounds on your instruments. A great reminder for our beginners!
  • Vic Firth: Percussion 101 - This is a great resource to learn how to play a ton of percussion instruments.  Whether you're new to percussion and learning the instrument or an experienced performer that just needs a refresher, this is great for all percussion students!
  • MusicTheory.Net - Ever wanted to learn more about how music works and why music works?  Check out this great resource to learn about scales, chords and more!
  • OnMusic Dictionary - An online music dictionary! Find out what all of those words in your music actually mean. Until then, any word in your music that you don't understand means "Watch the conductor" 😜