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Communication from HMS


Hackettstown Middle School strives to keep an open line of communication with all stakeholders (i.e. students, staff, parents/guardians, community).  With this in mind, the website will be kept up-to-date with pertinent information and calendar events while notification will be sent to parent/guardians via our Realtime Notification system (e.g. phone, text and/or email).

  • Always reference... 
    • School's Website calendar for the most current information on dates and times of events and activities for Hackettstown Middle School,
    • Realtime Parent Portal for individualized student records (i.e. contact information, health insurance, schedules, attendance, gradebook, report cards),
    • Guardian Parent Google Classrooms for assignments, assessments and streams of the individual classrooms, and
    • Your voicemail and personal emails that were provided to the school for more specific notifications.
Never hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, comments or concerns!