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February 2024 News



The students are getting close to finishing their second unit of 5th-grade social studies. This unit is our longest and is all about the cultures of the Native Americans. The focus of the unit will be to read and research for evidence that demonstrates the following:  WHERE the Native Americans lived affected HOW they lived. This is the same thesis statement that the students focused on in their first unit, except it was applied to their lives in the present day. A study of the survival of the pre-European contact Native Americans in the 5 regions of the United States will be key in this unit, as the students' first unit was on the geography of those same 5 regions. The students have finished up their work with the Southwest Native Americans, Northwest Coast Native Americans, and are wrapping up the People of the Great Plains.  Lastly, they will work on the cultures of the Eastern Woodlands. Many hands-on projects have been created along with fun group activities. The students will be working to improve their critical reading skills by focusing on locating details in text and using those details in their writing and speaking about the unit topics.


The students continue to work on always being prepared for class. Therefore, they must focus on bringing all necessary supplies. Having everything they need at hand truly helps the students stay organized, learn better, and be more productive. This includes a pencil, a binder, a charged Chromebook, and most importantly polite manners and a positive attitude. 

Please keep an eye on your child's Google Classrooms for each of their subjects. All grades will be posted in Realtime. Use the parent/student portal to access updates. We check our grades in class, but I invite you and your child to check grades and assignments regularly at home.


Thank you!