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7th Grade STEAM

Introduction to Programming is a marking period course that fulfills New Jersey requirements for computer science and design thinking. The study of these disciplines focuses on a deep understanding of concepts that enable students to think critically and systematically about leveraging technology to solve local and global issues.
In this course, students will be introduced to computer science principles while considering the relationship between technology and society. Students will then use programming constructs in various formats to creatively solve complex problems through the framework of computational thinking by decomposing problems and developing algorithms for solutions. The final unit of this course will integrate computational thinking and design thinking through an authentic learning experience by constructing a proposal and model for sustainable technology. By the end of this class, students will have gained important computer science and design thinking skills relevant to their current and future endeavors in academics, computing, and society.
This course will be guided by the current New Jersey Learning Standards in Computer Science and Design Thinking, Science, Mathematics, and English.
  • Unit 1: Principles of Programming
  • Unit 2: Designing With Programming Constructs
  • Unit 3: Coding For Change