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Fine and Performing Arts

The Fine and Performing Arts programs are designed to promote lifelong artistic literacy and fluency and are guided by the mission of the New Jersey Department of Education as well as Hackettstown Middle School; empowering students to develop creative and critical thinking, social-emotional competencies, and intellectual and expressive abilities that will allow them to become active, contributing members of a global society which is further accomplished through 


The art program provides all students with a yearly cycle. The art class experience centers around “hands-on” exploration of various media. Students are given the opportunity to improve technical skills and challenge their individual, creative abilities. 

General Music

The music program provides students with opportunities in general music, as well as vocal and instrumental music exploration. In general music, students are exposed to a variety of topics including music literacy, student composition, performance, and critical listening skills. 


The choral program provides students with an opportunity to explore vocal performance in a choral setting. The choruses present at least two public concert performances each year. There is a non-audition chorus for each grade level. The select chorus for grades six, seven and eight meets after school and is open only by audition. All chorus students are given the opportunity to audition for regional and state choruses. 


The instrumental music program provides students with an opportunity to perform in the band and develop musical skills on an individual instrument. Small group lessons are provided. Students participate in major public concert presentations and additional “special event” performances. Participation is encouraged. All band members are encouraged to pursue private lessons in addition to their in-school band instruction. 


The theater course provides an introduction to students who will actively read and perform scenes from plays and musicals to obtain a deeper understanding of the dramatic arts and dramatic interpretation. Students will explore stage direction, pantomime, character development, technical theatre, improvisation, auditioning techniques, developing the voice and body for public speaking, production preparation and performance opportunities. Students also write, direct, and perform their own plays or scripts.